Get the Music

There are 2 ways to get the Montalban Quintet’s music:

1) We are offering our debut album for a modest donation. Pay whatever you like and download the music instantly. The download is a .zip file that contains 8 songs (50 minutes) and the album artwork/liner notes. After several years of hard work we are proud of the music we’ve made and hope you will enjoy it!

Click here to donate and download.

2) Purchase the Montalban Quintet debut CD. The art came out amazing for the digipak CDs. Free download of the tracks immediately while you wait to have the CD sent to you by good ol’ snail mail. Best of both – get the songs now and get the full package sent directly to you.

Note: price for shipping is for US only. Please email me if you want me to ship internationally. Thanks!

Click here to purchase the Digipak CD

Song Samples:
Lonnie’s Lament
Abajo del Mar
Flamenco Lake
Feast of Manioc
Besa Sorta
Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet